Terry Crews Flexes His Artistic Muscle on Sesame Street

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.41.16 PM

On top of those gargantuan biceps and deltoids, it looks like Terry Crews knows how to flex an artistic muscle, too.

Crews, the body builder and actor from Brooklyn 99, The Expendebles 3, the word's best Old Spice Commercials, showed kids how to be artists in a new video for Sesame Street. Along with the Count and Abby Cadabby, Crews demonstrates five different types of artistry children can master. The fifth and final artist that Crews embodies, a mime, might be a bit of a stretch, but kudos to Sesame Street for not crushing and child's dreams.

Check out the video below for Crews' transformation from one maestro into the next.


It's surprising that even with Crews around, Sesame Street still doesn't consider sculpting abs as a legitimate art form.