Terry Moore Launches Motor Girl In November

(Photo: Terry Moore)

After nearly a decade on the shelf, indie comics legend Terry Moore will launch a new, ongoing series titled Motor Girl this fall.

Moore made the announcement at his panel at Comic Con International: San Diego yesterday, and spoke with ComicBook.com about the decision briefly today.

"I wanted to do [Motor Girl] in 2007 when I finished Echo, but when I said 'I'm going to do a story called Motorgirl,' somebody else said, 'I'm already doing that.' So I just immediately dropped it and said, 'Okay, I'll do something else.' But in all this time, they haven't done anything with it, so I figure it's mine now and I'm going to go do it."

You can check out his full panel, posted via Periscope, below, or read on to get details about the new series.

According to Moore, the series centers on a girl and her best friend, a gorilla. The pair work together fixing cars at a gas station in the desert, and one day, they're approached by an alien with a damaged UFO. She helps him on his way, and word of mouth about her excellent services makes her little garage a UFO hot spot, attracting the attention of an investigator from Area 51.

The premise is different from the 2007 original, which helps since at the time when Rachel Rising launched, Moore suggested that elements of Motor Girl had been incorporated into Jet, a supporting character from Rachel Rising who first appeared in Strangers in Paradise.


"I love my motor girl character," I'm glad it's her turn, she deserves a book. I didn't imagine that she would end up in a creepy town fighting the whatdead, but hey... who better?"

Look for solicitations for Motor Girl #1 in the next issue of Previews Magazine.