Tetris Movie Planned to be Split Into Pieces As A Trilogy

In 2014, The Tetris Company and Threshold Entertainment, the company behind 1995’s Mortal Kombat [...]


In 2014, The Tetris Company and Threshold Entertainment, the company behind 1995's Mortal Kombat and 1997's Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, announced that they are collaborating on a video game-to-film adaptation of Tetris. Aside from saying it'll be live-action and a "very big, epic sci-fi movie," no further details were provided. Now, Empire has sat down with Threshold's C.E.O., Larry Kasanoff, and got him to open up about the Tetris movie.

First, they asked if rumors of a planned trilogy were true. "That's correct," Kasanoff confirmed to Empire, "and purely because the story we conceived is so big. This isn't us splitting the last one of our eight movies in two to wring blood out of the stone. It's just a big story."

Even though the game is essential about positioning blocks, we won't see unrestrained fun coming from anthropomorphic blocks. "We're not going to have blocks with feet running around the movie," he explained, "but it's great that people think so. It sets the bar rather low!"

Kasanoff says he came up the idea for the film's story while thinking about the game, but even at this time, he isn't ready to divulge any details. All he say is that its story was inspired by the game's theme: "creating order out of chaos."

In 1984, Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris, a puzzle game that requires players to clear horizontal lines of blocks by rotating, moving and dropping the falling Tetriminos inside the Matrix. It's simplicity makes it fun and addictive, which in turn lead to it becoming one of the most successful and recognizable video games over the decades.

The Tetris movie should begin shooting in China in 2017 and has a budget of $80 million.