Thanos Creator Jim Starlin Has 100-Page Story at Marvel Next Year


Veteran writer/artist Jim Starlin, currently writing StormWatch for DC Comics, has apparently written and drawn a 100-page original story for Marvel Comics, due out in 2014.

This is likely the same "top secret Marvel project" that first reported back in May.

Little else is known, since this is all coming from a cryptic Facebook post by Starlin, although he did include a shot of Thanos, suggesting that (as one might assume) the Mad Titan will be at the center of the story.

jim-starlin-albany-comic-con"Just finished the last page of a 100 page story I’ve written and penciled for Marvel Comics," Starlin wrote. "But at this time I can’t say what exactly the project is. Details will be released when I can release them. Look for it next summer!"


Of course, "When I can release them" is relative. Starlin has been known to break minor stories on his Facebook page.

Starlin, who created Thanos, is one of the defining voices of the cosmic corner of Marvel's Universe. He stirred a bit of a hornet's nest after the release of Marvel's The Avengers in 2012, when he bemoaned not having been invited to the movie premiere or paid anything for the use of Thanos. He also said, at a comic book convention in Albany in 2012, that he couldn't picture himself returning to Marvel Comics, given his relationship with the publisher, and that if he were to work on a mainstream title again it would likely be at DC Comics. StormWatch seemed to bear that claim out.