The Amazing Spider-Man's "Cinema Sins" Exposed

The Amazing Spider-Man

may have beaten out The Avengers for a Screen Actors' Guild nomination, but that doesn't mean it was flawless by any stretch of the imagination.

Rather, below you can see a video that's been made to point out just HOW imperfect the film is, running down 53 mistakes or crimes against cinema made by the film in just over 2 minutes.

The complaints run from the nit-picky (technology that doesn't exist, in a movie full of plots about super-science) to the factual (police captains don't issue arrest warrants - judges do), with a few pit-stops for things like unrealistic plot contrivances and story structure (no security cameras at Oscorp, Peter randomly bumping into the one man who was carrying files related to his father's work around the building).

Even if you liked the movie, it's fun and interesting to see all of these things catalogued. Maybe The Avengers wasn't really the most mistake-filled movie of the year after all!