The Angry Birds Movie Cast Reveal Their Favorite Super Heroes

Birds Heroes

This weekend, The Angry Birds Movie will fly into theaters as the most popular video game phenomena of all time is adapted for the big screen.

The movie clearly contrasts heroes and villains as it caters to its likely youthful audience, despite containing plenty of jokes to entertain the parents. But, speaking of heroes, had the chance to do just that with the cast of The Angry Birds Movie. More specifically: super heroes.

While sitting down with Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, and Josh Gad at a luau in Maui, we decided to ask those actors who their favorite super heroes are. Everybody has a favorite super hero, right?

"I loved Wonder Woman because that was kind of all we had as ladies in the 70s and 80s," Maya Rudolph quickly responded and although she hadn't seen Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice at the time, she enthusiastically declared that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman looks "bad-ass!"

Aside from Wonder Woman, Rudolph also admits she's had a little thing for The Wonder Twins, as well. Perhaps just the word "wonder" is what does it for the actress who voices the unstable therapist Matilda in The Angry Birds Movie.

Gad has some favorites, as well. Though his Angry Birds character Chuck would most certainly compare to The Flash, he has something different in mind when it comes to playing a hero. "I was really into X-Men. I still am into X-Men and I don't know who I would be," Gad says before a joke. "Colossus, maybe? If I didn't have this body I could maybe be Colossus." He even tagged a Russian accent onto it.

Sudeikis, on the other hand, was never much into comics or super heroes. With a two-year-old son, that may soon change, but for now he keeps his choice of favorite on reserve. "Growing up I was more video games than comic books," Sudeikis explains. "I feel like all the ones that I'm aware of are because there's already movies and things about them. I don't know deep into the canon of Marvel or DC to pick one."

Ultimately, Sudeikis joked, "Alfred E. Newman?"

We'll count the animated Mad mascot as a favorite super hero by way of artistic association.


Sudeikis may not have a favorite but he did make some fun comparisons from Angry Birds to Marvel heroes. "I guess Bomb is the Hulk," he says about Danny McBride's explosive character before comparing his own. "Red would be close to Deadpool, in a way. He's a smart-ass." With a laugh from the bunch, Sudeikis went further into detail, claiming, "I'm very sarcastic in this movie," and "they both wear red!"

The Angry Birds Movie hits theaters May 20, 2016.