The Banner Saga 2 Is Releasing On April 19th

(Photo: Stoic Studio)

Stoic Studio's beautiful Viking epic continues with The Banner Saga 2, and now we have a release date.

The much-anticipated sequel debuts on April 19th for both PC and Mac, which is just around the corner. The new entry attempts to improve on the original in a variety of ways, including a new character race, the Horseborn. Improvements have also been made to the combat, such as an increase in enemy variety, more win scenarios, and better battle boards. Plus the game now has Permadeath, so keeping your people standing is even more important.

(Photo: Stoic Studio)

If you happened to play the original game, your choices will affect the world in the sequel. If you didn't though, no worries, you can just start fresh.


You can pre-order the game now via Steam for a 10% discount.