The Dark Knight Rises Behind The Scene Photo Released

The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan Behind The Scenes

As part of their 2012 movie preview kit, Warner Bros. has released several photos for The Dark Knight Rises. Most of the photos are just re-releases of photos that have appeared elsewhere, but there is one brand new photo among the mix.

The brand new Dark Knight Rises photo shows a behind the scenes shot of director Christopher Nolan filming The Dark Knight Rises. The photo shows Christopher Nolan clearly in command of the set, as he sits behind an IMAX camera. The fanboy in us just had to blow up the photo to see if we could make out what is on the little view screen above the head of the camera operator standing next to Nolan.


The Dark Knight Rises view screen

We were hoping for maybe Superman and Batman shaking hands, or Robin The Boy Wonder punching Riddler, but unfortunately, there is a big glare on the screen, so we couldn’t make anything out. The Dark Knight Rises behind the scenes photo of Christopher Nolan is by photographer Ron Phillips.