The Dark Knight Rises Being Pushed For Academy Awards Consideration

The Dark Knight Rises Academy Awards

Warner Bros. has launched a page listing films that they would like the Academy Awards and other awards shows to consider for nominations. The list of Warner Bros. films include Argo, Cloud Atlas, The Hobbit, and The Dark Knight Rises.

For consideration of The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. lists numerous categories where it would like to see award nominations. Even though The Dark Knight was snubbed for a Best Picture nomination, Warner Bros. is hoping that The Dark Knight Rises will not be overlooked. In addition to asking award shows to consider making a Best Picture nomination for The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. would also like to see Christopher Nolan get a nod for Best Director. Christopher Nolan along with Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer are also listed as consideration for Best Adapted Screenlay

Other nominations that Warner Bros. recommends for consideration Christian Bale for Best Actor, Anne Hathaway for Best Actress, Marion Cotillard for Best Supporting Actress, and Wally Pfister, ASC for Best Cinematography. In the Best Supporting Actor category, Warner Brothers lists Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Morgan Freeman.

Even though comic book movies rarely get recognized at the Academy Awards in the acting categories, they do often receive recognition in some of the special effects, design, and sound categories. For consideration, Warner Bros. lists Nathan Crowley, Kevin Kavanaugh, and Paki Smith for Best Art Direction; Lee Smith, A.C.E. for Best Film Editing, Lindy Hemming for Best Costume Design; Luisi Abel and Janice Alexander for Best Makeup; Ed Novick, Gray A. Rizzo, and Gregg Landaker for Best Sound Mixing; Richard King for Best Sound Editing; Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Peter Bebb, and Adrew Lockley for Best Visual Effects; and Hans Zimmer for Best Original Score.