The Dark Knight Rises Exclusives Revealed

Both Target and Best Buy will include exclusive features in Blu-ray copies of director Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises when it arrives in stores in December, according to Superhero Hype.

Target will sell two exclusive versions of the film, which appear to be packaged as a book. It's available either with a Batman or a Bane cover. Superhero Hype and some other sites have speculated that the book itself will include content, but that's not made clear in Target's listing for the product. It may just be exclusive cover art, which the retail chain had for Marvel's The Avengers last week.

If it does include "exclusive content," it's not unreasonable to speculate whether that content might be the prequel comic written by Dear Dracula's Joshua Williamson. It's still a bit surprising that the digital comic was made available only on Nokia Windows phones, and that therefore nobody has read or written anything about it.

Best Buy has an exclusive steelbook case for the movie, which also apparently includes a documentary called Reborn, again according to SHH.