The Dark Knight Rises Honest Trailer

With The Dark Knight Rises arriving on DVD and Bluray in stores today, it seems like the folks at Screen Junkies decided it was perfect timing to release an Honest Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. We’re really surprised that this wasn’t done back when the movie was first released in theaters, but better late than never.

For those unfamiliar with Honest Trailers, they often provide a pretty harsh skewering of popular movies, but are hilarious nonetheless.  The biggest focal point of Honest trailers is to point out things that don’t make sense in a movie. For  instance, “How is it possible that Bruce Wayne completely healed his broken back in less than three months? Didn’t he need a doctor?”

Here’s how Honest Trailer describes the overall movie, “Get ready for a nearly three hour Batman movie, where Batman only shows up for about 33 minutes. And when he does show up, he’s so terrible he reveals his secret identity to complete strangers, never conducts background checks on his maids or his board members. He uses ineffective gadgets, stands atop random buildings that are way too dangerous to balance on, and wastes several hours painting a bridge in gasoline.”