The Dark Knight Rises Magazine Covers Revealed

Some exciting news on The Dark Knight Rises front as Empire magazine has unveiled two new covers featuring Batman and Bane. For the last several days, Empire magazine had been teasing the reveal of The Dark Knight Rises covers and asking fans to vote for which they wanted to see first. The wait turned out to be worth it, as the two covers reveal two of the best photos from The Dark Knight Rises to be released to date.Here's the Batman version of Empire's The Dark Knight Rises cover. In addition to giving us a shot of the Batman, the cover also reveals some new hi-tech look gadget. The gadget is apparently a weapon, as Empire describes it as "a snazzy new gun of some sort."

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Cover Empire Magazine

Here's the Bane version of Empire's The Dark Knight Rises cover. While it doesn't reveal any new gadgets, it provides the best official photo of Bane that has been released to date.


The Dark Knight Rises Bane Cover Empire Magazine

The issue of Empire Magazine featuring the two The Dark Knight Rises covers is scheduled to be released on Thursday, November 24, 2012. Inside the issue will be additional photos from the Gotham City set, as well as an interview with director Christopher Nolan.