The Dark Knight Rises: New TV Spot Pushes Advance Ticket Sales

Nobody wants to wait in line for tickets and, apparently, Warner Brothers doesn't particularly want you to be waiting in a long line for seats to The Dark Knight Rises, either.

They're pushing advance sales of tickets--which begins on Monday--pretty hard in a new TV spot featuring almost no new footage, but eschewing a bit of the dark, brooding aspect of the movie that had been the focus of the first few spots in favor of a more acerbic, action-packed take on the Batman mythology.

Following up on the earlier bit that Bruce tells Lucius Fox he's "retired," a quick series of cuts shows off some of Batman's new technology and is bookended with Wayne half-heartedly repeating the same message to his right-hand man. That, combined with scenes of Batman and the police facing off against Bane and his army, are intercut with messages urging fans to preorder their tickets as soon as they can.