The Dark Knight Rises Star Anne Hathaway Wins an Oscar

Anne Hathaway, who last year starred in two major studio films, was just presented an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, celebrating her role in Les Miserables.

Hathaway thanked everyone behind Les Miserables, but singled out her co-star (and fellow superhero) Hugh Jackman for special thanks.

The other major film, The Dark Knight Rises, was notably shut out of the nominations this year. While many expected the film to be nominated for or even win a handful of awards, especially Best Director and/or Best Picture, it didn't happen and the next best thing became the presumptive win for Hathaway, who arguably had a leg-up on the other Best Actress nominees having been widely praised in both films.

Hathaway was previously nominated for Best Actress for her role in the 2008 indie hit Rachel Getting Married. You can see her acceptance speech below.