The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Top Five Parody Videos

If the success of a movie trailer is judged by the number of parody videos that it inspires, then the second Dark Knight Rises trailer might be the best movie trailer of all time. The first parody videos started hitting not long after the trailer officially emerged on the Internet. No surprise here, but many of the Dark Knight Rises parody videos have focused on Bane’s much scrutinized voice.

Bane Speaks! // A “The Dark Knight Rises” Parody – MrJonMoisan posted this parody video which focuses not only on the difficulty of understanding Bane but also the difficulty of understanding Batman. The video isn’t a recreation of the trailer, but rather offers a new scene where a frustrated Commissioner Gordon is caught between a conversation between Bane and Batman.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer, sweded – Bryan Harley sweded The Avengers trailer, so it’s only fair that he also sweded The Dark Knight Rises trailer. Most of the video is a low budget scene by scene recreation of the trailer, with of course a joke about Bane’s voice. The results are hilarious, and it’s a must watch.

The Dark Knight Rises sneak preview – A cartoon by Toonsmyth Productions of a showdown between Batman and Bane, focusing on what else: the inability to understand Bane. Includes subtitles so viewers can understand Bane. Some pretty good lines in the parody, such a frustrated Batman suggesting that Bane is Spiderman’s villain.


The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer Cats – TheTrailerCats posted a recreation of The Dark Knight Rises trailer taken over by what else: cats. A lot of meowing can be heard among all the chanting, which instead or rise means dinner.

Dark Knight Rises Football Scene Parody – Here’s one that takes the Dark Knight Rises football scene and compiles it with a recent news event in an interesting way.