The Dark Knight's Batsuit Announced For Batman: Arkham Knight

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

A version of the Batsuit warn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight will make its way into Batman: Arkham Knight, game director Sefton Hill revealed on Twitter.

Rocksteady Studios this week released a DLC pack featuring the Tumbler Batmobile from The Dark Knight. The inclusion of the film’s Batmobile has led to a deluge of requests for the film’s Batsuit, and Rocksteady is taking action to fulfill those requests.

Designing new Batsuits for the game takes time though, so don’t expect Bale's Batsuit to be available until near the end of the year.

UPDATE: Hill clarified that they are still unsure about whether they'll use the suit from The Dark Knight or the one from Batman Begins. He's looking for fan input on the matter, so go cast your vote!


The Tumbler Batmobile DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight is available now.