The First TV Spot For Agent Carter

Judging from this video, the first, zippy little TV spot for Agent Carter aired during Monday Night Football. How come I only just heard about it now? And where's the official version?

Okay, it's great that Marvel have a show with a female lead, especially one as interesting and multidimensional as Peggy Carter can be, but that close up of her thigh... well, I imagine that will be controversial in some quarters.

And in others? Not controversial at all. You know how fandoms go.

I assume that was Howard Stark in the white suit but pretty much everybody else is just too blurry, or too good at hiding under hat brims, to be made out clearly.

I expect that this spot will air again during Agents of SHIELD tonight, and the collected Marvel army will be better positioned to record and upload it in proper fashion. Or maybe we'll luck out and get something longer during the airing SHIELD. In any case, Agent Carter is almost here.