The Flash Casting Dr. Light For Season Two

Ex-S.T.A.R. Labs employee Dr. Kimiyo Hoshi-Light will apparently be making her small-screen debut on The Flash this season, reports TVLine.

First referenced in the Arrow episode "The Man Under the Hood," Dr. Light in this instance will be the female version of the legacy hero/villain.

The "classic" Doctor Light is a villain named Arthur Light who troubled The Flash, the Teen Titans and other DC heroes. Eventually a female version was introduced named Kimiyo Hoshi, who was a hero and served on the Justice League International.

In the New 52, the pair were revealed to be married -- although Kimiyo hasn't yet appeared as Dr. Light in the new continuity.


Prior to the relaunch, Arthur Light had become one of DC's most controversial characters, loathed by fans for his role as a rapist in the best-selling miniseries Identity Crisis.