The Flash: Concept Art Of Zoom's Lair


Conceptual artist John Gallagher has updated his website with concept art he created for Zoom's (voiced by Tony Todd) Earth-2 lair for The CW's hit-television series The Flash.

Zoom is the most terrifying villain to grace the small screen in years and like any good-villain he needs a dimly-lit secret lair to conduct his evil business. As you can see, the Season 2 main baddie makes his home in an abandoned train station; the same place where he keeps Earth-2's Harrison Wells' (Tom Cavanagh) daughter Jesse Quick (portrayed by Violett Beane) captive.

Below, check out two pieces of concept art of Zoom's evil lair.

zooms lair reverse the flash by uncannyknack-d9gkghg
zooms lair the flash by uncannyknack-d9gkg9a

(via filmsketchr)

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