The Flash: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References in "Flash vs. Arrow"

There is a lot to talk about tonight on The Flash, what with the first official crossover [...]

There is a lot to talk about tonight on The Flash, what with the first official crossover with Arrow taking place and the last 30 seconds or so revealing our first look at Firestorm.

That said, not a ton of big, juicy Easter eggs this time around. We'll run down what we spotted, and you can tell us what we missed.

Palmer Technologies

Ray Palmer's company, a major player in Arrow this season, gets a name-drop as the name of the company in charge of the homeless shelter Barry paints at super-speed.

Cunningham and St. Pierre

The names of the cross streets are almost always important on these shows. There's nothing super obvious about these two names off the top of my head, although Brian Cunningham is currently the editor of The Flash.


Yes, this isn't really something I would normally mention...but there's a Star Wars reference in the episode. If I don't mention it, our readers will.

Captain Boomerang

The criminal we saw in the final seconds of Arrow last week, who Team Arrow are chasing in this episode, is Digger Harkness, best known to comic book readers as Captain Boomerang. Aside from having just been cast in the Suicide Squad movie, he's one of The Flash's most persistent Rogues.

You can read more about him here.


Roy G. Bivolo, the longtime Flash villain known as the Rainbow Raider, appears here. He's a bit more akin to his brief New 52 appearance as Chroma, although he is given the "Rainbow Raider" name by Team Flash.

He's able to both manipulate the visual spectrum (sometimes blinding or distorting the vision of enemies) and the emotions of those around him, allowing him to control or at least manipulate people.

The emotional spectrum

By the by, that red that gets Barry all rage-y? They might not use the words, but it's likely connected to the "emotional spectrum" that served as the backbone of much of The Flash producer Geoff Johns's run on Green Lantern. That they use a combination of other colors to cancel it out is actually fairly reminiscent of the way they dispelled Black Lantern energy in the Blackest Night storyline.

Jay said ... (original post)

When the lights were used on barry, the four colors flashing were purple blue green and pink to be specific. Compassion, Hope, Will and Love. 

Singh's boyfriend

In the comics, Captain Singh's boyfriend is the Rogue known as the Pied Piper. He's already been cast and is expected to appear in Episode 10 of the series.

Who would win?

The build-up to the episode was built around the "who would win a fight?" question. The idea is that comic book fans have these conversations amongst ourselves, so why wouldn't the onscreen geeks have them as well?

Fight, then team up

Same. This is a classic comic book trope. Superheroes meet, there's a misunderstanding or mind-control, the fight, they team up.

Oliver's baby-momma

The as-yet-unnamed woman seen at the end of this episode is the same person we saw had been impregnated by Oliver Queen during a flashback sequence in Arrow's second season. When his mother paid her to go away, she told Oliver that she had miscarried and moved to Central City to "clear her head."

Obviously, she didn't miscarry. Could Connor Hawke be in our future?!


...And here, we get our first look at a live-action Firestorm, as played by Robbie Amell.