The Flash EP Teases Reverse-Flash Origin Story

(Photo: The CW)

The surprise return of the Reverse-Flash comes tonight on The CW's The Flash - mostly because, as far as they knew, Team Flash had not just defeated him last year, but potentially erased him from existence, thanks to the sacrifice of Eddie Thawne. Well, Eobard is back, this time played by Matt Letscher, who gets his first "full-fledged episode."

"What's fun about this episode is we're meeting the Reverse-Flash before the events of last season, so he doesn't know Cisco, he doesn't know Caitlin, he doesn't know this [young adult] version of Barry, and he hasn't [traveled back in time and] killed Harrison Wells yet, either. All of that is in the future for him," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told TVLine.

Don't expect Team Flash to welcome the time-traveling speedster with anything less than anger and hate, though.

"Everyone's feelings are very raw. They still feel the sting of betrayal and they're all angry and hurt and devastated…. It creates a very different dynamic that is interesting to see."

Kreisberg also teased that Wells' true motivations and his plans are things fans "should be wondering" about. "He's a fundamentally good man who has been put into an impossible situation." Ultimately, it may come down to: "Barry or Jesse [Wells' daughter]?"


Barry, meanwhile, seems to be living up to Wells/Thawne's prediction from season one that he'll never be happy.

"Everything that Wells predicted has sort of come true. Barry will turn his attention back toward Zoom" after the Patty break-up, he teased. "'If I could just beat Zoom, I'll finally be happy' - which might be a rather rose-colored outlook for a superhero destined to have ongoing foes."