The Flash Movie Rumored To Have Tech-Based Costume Which Looks Like Armor

Rumor has it that The Flash movie is looking to give DC’s “Scarlet Speedster” a tech-savvy, armored look.

The rumor comes from Den of Geek, which claims to have heard from a source with inside information about the very specific look the studio is looking for.

Understandably, they're seeking to avoid "any comparison to the well designed and received TV version," we're told. To ring the changes, they're aiming to create a more "tech-based" suit that will look quite different from the burgundy leather outfit designed by Colleen Atwood for the series. Instead, this one will look more "like armor."

A comparison was made to the armored look of the Flash in the videogame Injustice: God Among Us, as seen in the promotional image above, which is certainly a much sturdier and more complex look that the costume warn by Grant Gustin on The CW series.

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