The Flash Season 2 Premiere Title Revealed

The last time we saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) he was trying to use his super-speed to stop a black hole from destroying Central City (and the world). Based on the title of the first episode of season 2 we can confirm that Central City survived its run in with the black hole.

Episode one of season 2 will be titled, "The Man Who Saved Central City." Did Barry Allen save the city or was it another meta-human?

Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg came up with the story and the script was written by Kreisberg and Gabrielle Stanton.

The episode is being directed by Ralph Hemecker. He previously directed episode 9, "The Man in the Yellow Suit," and episode 17, "Tricksters."

The Flash returns for its second season this October on The CW.

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