The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Gets an Extended Preview

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo comic

Vertigo's upcoming adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the first volume in a three-part graphic adaptation of Stieg Larsson's acclaimed, fan-favorite trilogy, is due in stores November 13, so expect DC to get pretty serious about promoting the release after New York Comic Con next week.

Starting now, apparently--there's a new, five-page preview of the book, which is being written by crime author Denise Mina with art from Andrea Mutti and Leonardo Manco, available right now on Entertainment Weekly and embedded below.

A sample chapter of the graphic novel went live back in late April, after which it was available as a stand-alone Free Comic Book Day issue in May.

“Stieg always liked comics and it will be exciting to see the unforgettable characters he created come to life on the comics page,” Larsson’s brother told DC Comics's blog, The Source, last October.


The graphic novels will be made through a partnership with the Hedlund Literary Agency, and was launched by Hedlund at the Frankfort Book Fair and DC at the New York Comic Con last year after being announced on the DC blog.

Other recent licensed releases for Vertigo have included The Fountain,written by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and drawn by painter Kent Williams; and Neil Young’s Greendale, by established comics stars Joshua Dysart, Cliff Chiang and Dave Stewart. Coming in December, DC will release comics based on Quentin Tarantino's forthcoming film Django Unchained. While it's not been officially announced, that project seems best suited to Vertigo as well.