The Muppets Gets Full Season Order

the muppets (1)
(Photo: ABC)

Looks like ABC's new Muppet show will get the full season order with a total of 16 episodes, reports Variety.

Simply called The Muppets, it's completely different than other Muppet shows that have come before that were the variety show type with guests hosts and musical numbers. This version acts more of a mockumentary sitcom in the same vein of The Office and Parks and Rec. Originally ordered for a 13-episode season run, it's done well for the time slot.

Reactions of the show have been polarizing to say the least. Longtime fans are noting the more adult tone, while other fans are citing that the Muppets always had more mature themes and it fits perfectly as a more contemporary setting.

The Muppets airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.