The Music Of The Walking Dead: Precious Memories Is Rick's Farming Song

The Walking Dead Precious Memories Song

One of the things that has become a big part of The Walking Dead is the music that often plays in the background during pivotal scenes. During The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere, the new season starts off with Rick’s group having established a farming community at the prison.

As Rick goes about his business of tending the crops, he’s listening to some music, which helps to set the new tone for Season 4. Here are the lyrics: “As I travel down life’s pathway, knowing not what the year’s may hold. As I ponder, hopes grow fonder. Precious sacred scenes unfold. Precious memories how they linger. How they ever flood my soul.”

For those wondering about the title of the music, the song that Rick is listening to is a gospel hymn called Precious Memories. The song was written by J.B.F. Wright in 1925. There are a couple different versions of the song, and it has been recorded by numerous artists, including Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, George Jones & Patti Page, Jim Reeves, Aretha Franklin, Ronnie Milsap and Bob Dylan.