The Secret Behind The Joker's Car In Suicide Squad Revealed


A few months ago, Florida native Matt MacEntagart was contacted to design a car for a villain. He would come to find out, that villain would be the Joker for 2016's Suicide Squad.

MacEntegart works independently designing kits for cars. His passion allows him to create kits for cars which can be comparable to Ferrari's or Lamborghini's, but sell in the ball park of $16,000, which fit on Infiniti G35's.

"I didn't have any money, so I had to do it myself," MacEntegart says of his creations. His creations landed his product in next year's DC Comics villain flick. He calls his creation the Vaydor. Check out his work and get a look at the Joker's car in the video below.

What do you think? Is the Joker's car going to outshine the Batmobile in the DC Extended Universe?


Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5, 2016.

(Source: Fox 13)