The Simpsons Lego Show Is Coming


While parents' groups may protest linking a controversial (really? Are they still?!) show like The Simpsons with a family-friendly brand like Lego, that hasn't stopped a partnership from forming.

And with toys coming in 2014, apparently so will a TV special.

"Okay, NOW I can tweet about the upcoming Simpsons Lego Show!" Regular series director David Silverman tweeted, referring to a report that debuted this morning on Nerdly suggesting that the sets will be accompanied by "a special Simpsons LEGO TV episode (much like the LEGO Star Wars specials) in May 2014."

Whether it will be a stand-alone special like the Star Wars ones or an episode of The Simpsons that's animated differently isn't clear, although smart money would probably be on the former. Given the success of the Star Wars specials it seems the obvious way to go, although part of the cache of working with The Simpsons has to be that if you do something different and special in an episode of the 25-year-old series, it makes headlines and ratings.