The Walking Dead Catch-Up Mini Marathon

The Walking Dead Catch-up

If you weren’t among the 10.9 million who watched the season 3 premiere of The Walking Dead or the 9.5 million who tuned in for the “Sick” episode of The Walking Dead, then you are in luck. AMC is giving fans of The Walking Dead a chance to catch-up on previous season 3 episodes this weekend with a mini marathon.

On Sunday, October 28, 2012, AMC is airing the first two episodes of The Walking back-to-back as a lead-in to the third episode. The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere “Seed” will air starting at 7 PM ET, followed by The Walking Dead “Sick” episode starting at 8 PM ET.

After the repeat of the first two episodes air, then AMC will air a brand new episode called “Walk With Me” starting at 9 PM ET. The full first episode of The Walking Dead season 3 is also available online at, but the mini marathon gives fans the opportunity to see it on a bigger screen.