The Walking Dead Creator Shares Adorable Photo Of Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln

Walking Dead Norman Reedus & Andrew Lincoln

In the often violent world of The Walking Dead, "adorable" is not a word that probably gets used a lot. However, "adorable" is exactly the word that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman used when he shared a behind-the-scenes photo of actors Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln.

Robert Kirkman tweeted the photo above of Norman Reedus in his Daryl Dixon outfit and Andrew Lincoln in his Rick Grimes outfit taking a leisurely stroll in the rain. Along with the photo, Robert Kirkman wrote, "Awwww. Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln share an umbrella on set. Adorable."

Last month at Comic-Con, Robert Kirkman threatened to kill off Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon, because he took the message "if Daryl dies, we riot" as somewhat of a challenge. However, in an interview with, Norman Reedus suggested the alternative idea of Daryl Dixon hooking up with a group of mermaids and creating a race of redneck fish people.

After snapping this "adorable" photo of Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, Kirkman surely won't have the heart to kill off either one of their characters in Season 4. Will he?