The Walking Dead: Dead Weight Promo Shows A Tank

The Walking Dead Dead Weight Tank & GovernorSpoiler Warning:

If you consider things that happened in The Walking Dead comic book series to be spoilers for the TV series, then be warned that spoilers follow. Also, keep in mind that the TV series does not follow the comic book series exactly, so what follows many not necessarily be a spoiler.

An international promo for the "Dead Weight" episode has revealed that there will be a tank in the episode. The promo, which ran in New Zealand and is now on YouTube, shows The Governor hanging up clothes, as he stands between a tank and a rundown camper. Megan appears to be sitting on stool playing chess, as she watches The Governor.

Of course, the significance of the tank is that one of the most memorable moments in the comic book series was when The Governor used a tank to attack Rick's group at the prison. In the Governor's attack on the prison, several members of Rick's group were killed, but some of them are already dead on the TV series.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.