The Walking Dead: Five Funniest Merle Moments

The Walking Dead Hounded

The Walking Dead is usually the kind of show filled with shocking and horrifying moments, but when Merle is around there is also the element of comedy. Even though we know we shouldn’t, we can’t help but find ourselves laughing at some of Merle’s actions and comments. Here are the five funniest Merle moments from the “Hounded” episode of The Walking Dead.

5. Biter-Gram – Merle and his crew come across some walker parts laid out in the woods by Michonne. The walker arms are a “G”, the legs are an “O,” and then there is a walker’s back. Michonne has spelled out “Go back.” Merle says, “This is too good. Ah, look at this, she sent us a biter-gram y’all.”

4. I’m Going To Keep Calling You Neil – When a kid in Merle’s group starts to freak out over the biter-gram, Merle gives him some tough love. Merle says, “What the hell’s wrong with you? The Governor chose you, because he thought you were ready. I want you to succeed. I do. But if you keep announcing to the world that you’re pissing your pants, I’m going to have to smash your teeth in. Now, how do you say your last name?”  When the kid says a difficult to pronounce name that sounds like “Garjulian,” Merle responds “Well, I’m going to keep calling you Neil, alright.”

3. Just Your Little Pig Sticker – When Michonne is hiding in the woods, Merle tries to intimidate her. Merle says, “What’s the deal Michonne? gonna leap out of the woods, one against four, all of us armed to the teeth, and you with just your little pig sticker?” Then, Michonne leaps out of a tree, cuts the head off a member of Merle’s group and stabs another member of Merle’s group through the heart.


2. I’m Going To Get You A Beer – After Neil kills a zombie that is attacking Merle, Merle says, “You rose to the occasion, kid. When we get back, I’m going to get you a beer.”

1. You Hear That Bird – After Neil refuses to lie to The Governor about what happened with Michonne, Merle says, “How do you say your name again?” After the kid says “Garjulian,” Merle repeats it back perfectly. Then, Merle says, “You hear that bird?” When Neil looks for the bird, Merle pulls out his gun and shoots Neil in the head. As Merle walks off, he repeats “Garjulian.”