The Walking Dead: Five Spoilers For Next Week’s Hounded Episode

The Walking Dead The Governor and Andrea kiss

At the end of the “Say The Word” episode of The Walking Dead, AMC aired a brief sneak preview of next week’s “Hounded” episode. There was also an extended preview involving The Governor and Andrea during The Talking Dead. The various scenes in the previews gave us a couple of possible spoilers for the “Hounded” episode.

5. Andrea Hooks Up With The Governor – After flirting with The Governor for the last several episode, Andrea finally makes her move. She drops a subtle hint that she’s interested, and The Governor kisses her.

The Walking Dead Carol's knife

4. Carol Is Still Alive – When Rick and group found Carol’s scarf, they just assumed she was dead and devoured by zombies. However, viewers know that she actually escaped out a door of the prison. What happened to her after she went out the door is anyone’s guess. But Daryl is shown finding a knife the he recognizes as belonging to Carol, so that’s probably a pretty good indication that she’s still alive.

The Walking Dead Merle and Michonne

3. Merle Finds Michonne – While it looked like Merle was letting Michonne freely leave Woodbury, the preview for “Hounded” makes it look like he hunts her down. Merle is shown in a sword fight with Michonne.

The Walking Dead Rick on the phone


2. Rick Might Be Talking To Himself – At the end of “Say The Word,” Rick answered a ringing phone. However, the way he whispers “We’re dying here” into the phone suggests there might not really be anyone on the other end. If the scene stays true to the comic, then Rick thinks he’s talking to Lori.

The Walking Dead Andrea over the wall

1. Andrea Jumps The Wall – While one scene shows Andrea locking lips with The Governor, another scene shows her leaping off the Woodbury wall. Could she have wised up to the type of person that The Governor is and decided to leave to join Michonne?