The Walking Dead: Five Spoilers For The Suicide King

The Walking Dead The Suicide Kind Andrea

With the Walking Dead not set to return until February, fans will have plenty of time to speculate about what will happen on the next episode. At the end of the “Made To Suffer” episode of The Walking Dead there was a brief preview of “The Suicide King” episode. Another sneak preview aired during Talking Dead, and a third preview was unveiled on Here are five spoilers we compiled from the three previews.

5. Andrea Wants To Help Daryl – While it still appears to be up in the air as to whose side Andrea is on, she does appear to want to help Daryl. As the citizens of Woodbury chant for Daryl’s death, Andrea tries to run forward, saying he is her friend. However, The Governor tells her that it’s out of his hands that the people of Woodbury have spoken.

The Walking Dead The Suicide King Daryl

4. Daryl Survives Maybe – While Daryl appears to be facing certain death in Woodbury in one scene, another scene shows him running through the woods with his familiar crossbow in tow. Since the fate of Daryl was one of the big cliffhangers of the episode, it’s unusual that producers would show him alive in a preview clip. Of course, producers could be just showing him to throw viewers off, which is why we say Daryl maybe survives.

The Walking Dead Suicide King Merle

3. Merle Could Be Dead – While Daryl is shown briefly in the previews after the arena, Merle is nowhere to be seen after the arena. Could Merle sacrifice himself so his brother survives? Or are producers just keeping Merle off camera to build up the mystery? When Glenn angrily yells at Rick asking what someone off camera is doing there, it does suggest that maybe he is talking about Merle.

The Walking Dead The Suicide King Tyreese


2. Some Of Tyreese’s Group Could Be A Threat To Carl – One of Tyreese’s group members sees Carl and Carol outside of the prison, and he proposes they try to take their weapons. While Tyreese protests that they are good people, his group member says it should be easy to overtake a little kid, a girl, a woman, and a one-legged old man.

The Walking Dead The Suicide King Beth

1. Beth Might Have A Crush On Rick – Carl and Rick seem to be at odds over something. Could it be that Carl has eyes for Beth, but Beth has eyes for Rick? In one scene, Beth leans in to give Rick a kiss on the cheek. Could she have a crush on Carl’s old man?