The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero Reveals What Morgan Is Building

Morgan Jail

At the end of Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, the audience found Morgan pretty worked up back at Alexandria as he built something in one of the houses.

Myself, and many others watching, guess it was a jail. Not to brag...but we were right.

The Walking Dead's executive producer and director of the episode, Greg Nicotero, revealed not only that Morgan is in fact building a jail but also elaborated a bit on the reasoning behind it.

"Yes. He’s building a cell," Nicotero tells Yahoo!. "The jail cell that they had wasn’t necessarily much of a jail cell. It was like a little room with a little metal gate. I think Morgan is committed to the next time they have somebody in there, if they need to, they’ll attempt to rehabilitate them. He wants to be equipped. It goes back to his story with Eastman. Let’s be honest, Jesus didn’t last very long in that place. It can’t be that secure."

In the comics, Negan ends up in an Alexandria jail cell after Rick rules it inhumane to kill him. Yeah, that's a big change from the Rick Grimes we're seeing on TV lately, but it's always quite refreshing to think that he can get back to that point. Current TV Rick might be a little too ruthless.

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.