The Walking Dead: Is Glenn The New Beth?


Remember what happened to the last character who went missing for a while on The Walking Dead? Beth? Of course you do, and you remember that she died shortly after being found.

Season six may have a similar situation at the plate.

Glenn has been missing since episode three when some fancy and possibly misleading camera work presented a scene which showed his apparent death, but he is widely assumed to still be alive.

If Glenn is still alive, it could only put him on a path to his demise, anyway. Should the AMC series follow Robert Kirkman's comics to their most iconic moment, Glenn will have survived only to be killed brutally by Negan and his bat.

Beth, who also saw strong development prior to her demise, was a wildly popular character after her death. Fans literally petitioned to get Emily Kinney back on The Walking Dead despite it being pretty impossible, seeing as she was shot in the head.

If Glenn is found, only to be truly killed, fans will flip their lids.


Anyone seeing a trend here with characters who go missing? Sophia... Beth... Glenn?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.