The Walking Dead Movie Rumored

A rumor coming out of the popular horror website Bloody-Disgusting suggests that people involved with the production of AMC's The Walking Dead are already discussing a feature film version of Robert Kirkman's fan-favorite zombie drama--albeit one that wouldn't take shape for years to come.

Says poster MrDisgusting,

I have some friends working closely with “The Walking Dead” crew and AMC who confirm with me rumblings of a feature film. But before you get your panties in a bunch, we’re only in the third season of the popular zombie show – adapted from Robert Kirkman’s astounding comic book – and when I say rumblings, I strongly suggest the idea has been passed off in non-business conversations. The show was originally shopped as a feature film before it went network, so the idea of ending the series with an hour and a half feature would be exciting. But as I stated before, “24,” “Lost” and “The Sopranos” had been rumored for years, and they all failed to make the jump.

It’s clear that I’ve let my excitement get the best of me by sharing this news – and when I say nothing is official, I obviously mean, nothing is even close to official and don’t expect there to be any real talks for another few years. This is purely for speculation and for you guys to tell us what you think. If AMC revisits this notion a few years from now, would you want to see a “Walking Dead” feature? And more importantly, what do you think they should do?

An e-mail to representatives for Robert Kirkman and AMC has yielded no response yet, although it seems clear that given the success of the show, AMC would be crazy to take the option off the table at this early juncture, even if there is no truth to the rumors circulating today.

As the story points out, it's often difficult to adapt from television to the big screen, with some of the highest-grossing examples still being pretty poorly-received and few true success stories. That said, the fact that The Walking Dead was adapted from another format and has to adjust to television on the fly every week seems to work on the show's side-and the fact that the series' pilot was double-sized and arguably as good a zombie movie as we've seen since Shaun of the Dead doesn't hurt their prospects, either.