The Walking Dead: New Promo Puts Two Survivors At Risk


A new clip from The Walking Dead's midseason finale, just released by FX Turkia, pretty clearly lays out the stakes for the week's episode, and gives fans a pretty good idea of what major characters are most at risk for not making it out alive.

So, spoilers, obviously.

A previous ad blared that "some will fall," and fans of the comic book series will remember that a suspiciously similar scenario didn't play out very well for the survivors, so certainly this seems ominous.

Trailers have shown members of Rick's group saying that they "could end this right now," and fans left wondering why they wouldn't if that were the case now have their answer: some of their group would be in the line of fire if anyone took a shot at The Governor.

You can see the clip embedded below, both Hershel and Michonne end up taken hostage by The Governor, with a contingent of armed soldiers and a tank at his disposal. He claims that he'll give the hostages up if Rick and company leave the prison peacefully--and that, of course, puts everyone right back in the same position as they were in at the end of Season Three when he claimed he would leave the prison alone if they surrendered Michonne.

“Michonne and Daryl will not react well if they were to see The Governor — they’re not all the way healed from their experiences with him,” showrunner Scott Gimple said in an interview earlier today.


You can also note that Lily, one of the women who has been traveling with The Governor, expresses some discomfort when Rick tells The Governor that there are sick children there who might not make it if they're moved. That, also, plays into the comics, where a (different) character named Lily had a bit of an attack of conscience during The Governor's siege on the prison...

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