The Walking Dead Opening Credits Leave Steven Yeun Out Again


Just in case The Walking Dead fans were wondering if someone accidentally left Steven Yeun out of the opening week credits last week, this week appears to confirm that Yeun has been purposefully removed. For the second week in a row, Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn, was absent from the credits.

Of course, whether or not this means Glenn is gone for good from the show is up for debate. Producers could have just removed Steven Yeun’s name from the credits in order to try to sell fans on Glenn really being dead. It should be noted that only Yeun’s name was removed and the pocket watch segment where his name usually appears is still in place. The fact that AMC left the pocket watch segment in could actually be a hint that Steven Yeun will return. If Yeun was gone for good, AMC might have been more likely to alter the credits completely.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.