"The Walking Dead" Panel at Comic-Con Reveals Season 2 Details and Trailer! !

The breakout AMC television show The Walking Dead, based on the successful Image comic book series of the same name, debuted some interesting details and teasers for its upcoming second season at this year's Comic-Con, and anticipation for the panel was HIGH with over 4,000 people seated in the panel room and several thousand others still waiting in line just to get in. The majority of the cast was on hand at the panel discussion for the upcoming season two, which premieres on October 16th, including Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes) and Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh). Joining the cast onstage was writer/creator the comic book Robert Kirkman and several of the producers of the television series.

Season two will open with the survivors immediately fleeing the Centers for Disease Control, which didn't fare to well in the season one finale. The panel discussion did reveal that the writers for the series would be using more story lines and plots from the comic book series, and also that there are indications that the survivors will begin to split up, with some wanting to follow other paths than the one established in season one. New roles and expectations for young Carl were also discussed, with Callies saying that Carl will "blow your mind" this season! If you want to learn more about just what is in store for this next season, check out the trailer here!