The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Four Walls And A Roof

The “Four Walls and a Roof” episode of The Walking Dead kicks off with Gareth still eating Bob at the barbecue. The group is near a school building, which has several walkers trapped inside. The walkers can be seen inside the school pushing up against a glass window. Gareth tells Bob that the glass is going to break sooner or later. Gareth also talks about how they left markings so they could find their way back to this place.
Gareth tells Bob that Terminus wasn’t just a trap that they were going to have a choice to join them or be eaten. Gareth says that bears eat their young when they are starving. He talks about how some of his men almost nabbed Daryl and Carol, but they drove away in a car.

Gareth says he thinks women taste better than men. Gareth says his brother had a theory that women had an extra layer of fat for child bearing. Gareth says even the skinny girls like Sasha have it. He says Sasha is pretty and adds that he thinks pretty people taste better as well.

Bob seems to be crying at first, but then he starts laughing uncontrollably. Bob says, “You idiots.” He then pulls down his shirt and shows a bite mark on his shoulder. Bob says, “I’ve been bitten, you pricks. I’m tainted meat.” The group starts forcing themselves to throw up, but Gareth insists that it will be ok because they cooked him first. Bob starts screaming, “You’ve eaten tainted meat.” Gareth gets angry and kicks Bob in the face.

Sasha is out looking for Bob in the woods. She hears a noise and looks through the nightscope of her rifle. She sees someone run into the woods, but a walker suddenly appears in front of her. She shoots the walker and clubs it with the butt of her rifle. Tyreese and Rick show up. Sasha tells them that someone is getting away into the woods, but Tyreese insists if they go in their alone they want be coming back. Sasha says that Bob is alone, but Rick says he might not be alone, because Daryl and Carol are missing as well.

Back at the church, Sasha asks Father Gabriel what he’s doing. Sasha insists that this is all connected that he shows up and now three of them are gone. Sasha pulls out a knife, but Gabriel insists that he had nothing to do with this.

Rick asks Gabriel about the woman at the food bank and the carving outside the church that says, “You’ll burn for this.” Gabriel says that he locks the doors at night. He says people from his congregation came looking for a safe place at his church. He says they came early and the doors were still locked. He says that the dead came for them and tore them apart. He says he buried their bones. He says the lord sent them here to finally punish him. Gabriel falls to the ground and sobs, “I always lock the doors. I always lock the doors.”

Glenn notices that there is someone outside lying in the grass. They run outside and find Bob. When they get Bob inside, he tells them the story of how he was captured by Gareth and his group. Bob says they took him to what looked like a school and they were eating his leg right in front of him. Rick asks about Daryl and Carol, but Bob says Gareth said they drove off. Tara offers to go get Bob some pain medication, but Bob tells her to save it. Bob shows Sasha the bite mark on his shoulder. He says it happened at the food bank.

Then, Bob starts to pass out. Gabriel offers up the sofa in his office, and Sasha thanks him. Rick asks Gabriel if he knows the school that Bob was talking about, and Gabriel says it’s an elementary school, which is only about a ten minute walk through the woods.

Abraham says it’s time for a reality check and that they all need to leave for Washington, DC right now. Rick insists that they can’t leave Carol and Daryl, but Abraham says that they can’t stay because there is a clear threat to Eugene. Rick asks if they are leaving on foot, and Abraham says they fixed the bus themselves. Rick and Abraham get in a screaming match, but Glenn steps in and insists that they need each other. Tara says that she has an idea. Tara says that if Abraham stays one more day to help that she’ll go with them. Abraham says Glenn and Maggie would need to come as well, but they refuse.

Abraham orders Eugene that it’s time to go, but Eugene says he doesn’t’ want to. After Abraham barks “Now,” Eugene gets up to go with them. Rick tells Abraham that he’s not taking the bus. Before Rick and Abraham can get into it, Glenn says that if Abraham stays another day that he and Maggie will go with them. Abraham agrees to wait 12 more hours.

Sasha is tending to Bob. Bob says that the one good thing about getting kicked in the face is that it made him forget about the pain in his leg. Sasha says she’s not playing that game anymore. Sasha wants to know why Bob didn’t tell her about getting bitten. Bob says he knew when he told her it would become all about the end, and he really liked the middle.

Rick is telling the group about a plan to make a move before Gareth and his group do. Rick asks Tyreese if he’s up for it, and Sasha walks in and says she’s coming with them. Tyreese says that she should stay with Bob. Tyreese says that Sasha shouldn’t throw the time away that she has left with Bob. He wishes that he had more time with Karen. Tyreese tells Sasha that the only thing Bob is going to want to see when he opens his eyes is her face. Sasha gives Tyreese a knife and tells him that if Bob stops breathing to put the knife through his temple. Sasha says that’s what Bob would want.
Rick, Sasha, and the rest leave through the woods to head to the elementary school.

After they leave, Gareth and his group walk out of the woods and up to the church. One of Gareth’s group breaks open the door to the church. After they enter the church, Gareth says, “I guess you know we’re here, and we know you’re here. And we’re armed, so there’s really no point in hiding anymore.”

Gareth says that they’ve been watching them and they know Bob, Eugene, Rosita, Tyreese, Carl, and Judith are there. Gareth says that Rick and the rest walked out with a lot of their guns. Gareth says that they don’t know where they all are, but it isn’t a big place. Gareth says they know they are hiding behind one of two doors, and they have more than enough firepower to take down both doors. Gareth appeals to Father Gabriel to open the door. Gabriel says that he can walk away and take the baby with him if he does. Judith starts crying so Gareth realizes where they are hiding.

As two of Gareth’s men are standing outside the door where Carl’s group is hiding, they get shot in the head. It’s Rick and his group. Rick tells Gareth and the rest to put their guns down. Gareth threatens to fire right into the office, and Rick shoots Gareth’s fingers off. Rick tells the others to put their guns down and kneel on the floor. Gareth looks up at Rick and say there’s no point in begging. Gareth asks why they didn’t kill him when they came in. Rick says that they didn’t want to waste the bullets.

Gareth tells Rick that they use to help people. Gareth says that if he lets them walk away then he promises they will never cross paths again. Rick reminds Gareth of how he crossed Bob’s path. Rick says, “Besides I already made you a promise.” Rick pulls out the red-handled machete and kills Gareth. Sasha and Abraham kill Gareth’s other two surviving group members. Michonne recovers her sword.

Tyreese looks on in shock. Father Gabriel comes out and is visibly shaken by all the bloodshed in his church. Father Gabriel says, “This is the lord’s house.” Maggie says, “No, it’s just four walls and a roof.”

Maggie is telling Bob that he will always be with them, a part of them. The group starts to leave, but Bob asks Rick and Judith to stay. Bob says he just wants to thank him. He says that before the prison that he didn’t know if there were any good people left, but Rick took him in. Bob says even in light of current events that nightmares end, but they shouldn’t end who you are. Bob says just look at Judith and tell me the world isn’t going to change.

Sasha is sitting next to Bob, when he starts to come around. Bob is smiling, and Sasha asks him why. Bob says that he thinks he was dreaming and Sasha was smiling back at him in the dream. Bob stops breathing, and Sasha cries, but she also pulls out her knife. Tyreese walks in and tells Sasha to give him the knife. Tyreese tells Sasha to step out. Tyreese stabs Bob in the temple.

Outside the church, Sasha is making a cross for Bob. Abraham hands a map of their route to Washington, DC to Rick. Arbraham leaves in the bus with Eugene, Rosita, Maggie, Glenn, and Tara. Rick and the rest remain at the church.

Rick unfolds the map and there’s an apology note from Abraham. It says, “Sorry, I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new worlds’ gonna need Rick Grimes.”

Rick goes over to help Tyreese dig a grave for Bob. Rick says he never asked how it was for Tyreese getting to Terminus. Tyreese says, “It’d kill me.” They keep digging. Rick says, “No, it didn’t.”


It’s that night and Michonne is standing guard outside with her sword. Father Gabriel comes out and sits beside her. Gabriel says he can’t sleep. Gabriel says it’s not just what happened last night, it’s saying what happened before out loud. Gabriel says he hears their voices in his head, and Michonne says that won’t stop, but it won’t be all the time.

Michonne hears a sound in the woods. She draws her sword and goes over to investigate. Daryl comes walking out of the woods. Michonne is relieved. She asks where Carol is. Daryl yells come on out. The screen goes to black.