The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: Thank You


Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season 6 episode 3!

The horn sounds as Glenn runs through the woods. Rick walks for Tobin who doesn’t answer. Michonne takes out a walker and the rest of the crew follows. Daryl radios in and asks what’s going on. Rick explains the situation to Daryl and Abraham. Daryl wants to help but Rick insists he keeps as much as the horde away as he can. Nicholas begins to hesitate and Glenn calls him back to reality.

A man starts to claim Rick brought everyone out into the woods to get them all killed. Michonne tells him to shut up and move. Rick plans to go back and get the RV to lead the walkers away and sends everyone home. He calls Michonne and Glenn aside and instructs them to kill anything in their way. Rick tells Michonne they aren’t all going to make it and if they have to, they leave people behind. Heath overhears them. The man who was questioning Rick gets bit in the throat by a walker and Michonne puts him down with her sword as the Alexandrians look on. The horn stops. Rick takes supplies and weapons from the dead man’s body and tells everyone to get back safe.

The group walks ahead of the horde. Michonne tells them to keep up the pace so they can make it home. The group speculates what could possibly be happening at Alexandria and Glenn encourages people to be more positive. Michonne is ready to kill whatever the threat is. Michonne and Glenn lead a quiet charge to take out some walkers. The rest join the fight shortly after. One man draws a gun and shoots Scott in the back off the leg by accident. Scott falls to the ground and the shooter runs off. They dispatch the last of the walkers until an Alexandrian is bitten in the back but fends off the zombie. He elects to keep moving.

Daryl, Sasha, Abraham go over their plan. Daryl wants to go help everyone. He leaves the horde to Sasha and Abraham and takes off to go help.

Michonne and company continue down the street towards Alexandria. She evaluates the man’s bite wound and questions how long he has been married. He explains it is wife he met after the apocalypse. Aaron found him and brought him into the community. He found his wife, Betsy, on the way to the community. He wants to make it back to say, “Goodbye,” to her. A woman tells the group they need to stop and bandage Scott’s leg but he wants to keep moving. Glenn says they’ll find a place.

The group finds a small town and searches the cars and buildings for supplies. Glenn doesn’t want to leave anyone behind and Michonne is confident they can make it with a short stop. Heath begins questioning Nicholas, who admits he didn’t know what he was doing in the past. Heath volunteers Nicholas to lead the way back to Alexandria. Nicholas finds Sturgis’ hat on the ground, the shooter who ran off earlier. They begin passing through alley ways and find pack of zombies eating him. Glenn urges Nicholas to go the other way. They find themselves trapped from all angles and take shelter in a boarded up pet store. Heath and Michonne plot an escape but realize they can’t take on the walkers in the condition they’re in. Heath is being negative. Glenn plans to draw the walkers the walkers away with a flair. Michonne volunteers to do the job but he insists on doing it himself. Nicholas tells Glenn of a feed store and volunteers to go with him. Glenn looks at Hershel’s pocket watch and calls to Rick.

Rick is running down the street and Glenn’s call to Rick, alerting him of the plan, alerts the zombies near him eating someone. Rick dispatches them and Glenn says, “Good luck dumbass.” Rick cut his hand while dispatching the walkers.

Michonne bandages up Scott’s leg. Heath wants to find a crutch for Annie and she volunteers to stay behind. Scott wants to be left behind too. Heath wants everyone to go together. He jabs at Michonne, saying, “not us,” when speaking of not leaving people behind.

Michonne asks Heath if he has a problem with her. He tells her he heard what Rick said. Michonne vouches for her people and Heath doubts her loyalty. Michonne explains that Rick has been through a lot more than Heath. She questions whether he has had to kill people who killed his friends and other difficult things Heath has never experienced.

Glenn and Nicholas explore the streets and Nicholas puts down a walker. It was someone who was on his crew. His name was Will and he was 19. Glenn tells Nicholas, “You’re not that guy anymore.” Nicholas puts the walker down. They hear a flare go off and start running.

Heath helps Scott and Annie up in the pet store. Walkers walk by, attracted to the sound of gun fire. When the walkers clear, Michonne and company will head for the feed store.

Rick continues running down the street, right passed all the walkers her were trampled by the wall at the RV. He is favoring his injured hand.

The bitten man hands a note to Michonne for his wife. Michonne writes, “You’re getting home,” on her forearm and hands the note back to him. Thuds sound against the back door. Michonne and the group prepare for a fight. She opens the door and dispatches the pair inside but some walkers outside start swarming the door and the herd from earlier is approaching.

They bust the door open and take out the walkers in immediate distance and rush down the street. Annie lags behind and gets devoured.

Nicholas and Glenn run and find the feed building burnt down. Nicholas leads them down another street.

Michonne and company hop a gate as the massive horde approaches. First Heath, then Scott, then Michonne and the bitten man. The walkers grab at their feet as the try to hop the fence.

Glenn and Nicholas are cornered in a fenced area.They start shooting down walkers and stabbing them as they run out of ammo.

The bitten man falls back into the horde but Michonne narrowly gets escapes over the gate. His note lays on the ground beside him. Heath urges them to continue on.

Glenn and Nicholas climb atop a dumpster as they’re completely surrounded, now. Nicholas loses focus and zones out. Glenn calls for him to focus but Nicholas says “Thank you,” and shoots himself in the head. Glenn falls from the dumpster and is devoured by zombies.

Heath, Scott, and Michonne continue through the woods. Scott collapses but they continue and come to river. Michonne sees that there is no smoke. Heath tells her it doesn’t mean they didn’t make it. She looks at the writing on her forearm. Heath looks at himself in a reflection on the water. His face is covered in blood.

Rick parks the RV and radios for Glenn then Tobin but no one responds. Then Daryl, who tells him, “I’m here.” Rick tells him it won’t be long until the walkers get where they need to. Rick wants to keep going forward with the plan despite the gunshots coming from home.

Rick holds a tissue in his hand to control the bleeding. A Wolf busts in and starts shooting. It’s the Wolf who grabbed the gun fleeing Alexandria in last week’s episode. Daryl heard it on the walkie but now Rick isn’t answering. Rick fights off two Wolves in the RV. He guns them down with his revolver. Daryl rides over to him. He finds baby formula in one man’s pocket. He sees others approaching in the window and arms himself appropriately, opening fire through the wall the wall.

Michonne, Scott and Heath find a burnt up church with a Del Arno foods truck crashed into it.


Daryl reunites with Sasha and Abraham. They continue leading a massive herd of walkers.

Rick tries to start the RV, still favoring his hand, but it won’t start. Walkers are closing in. The RV still won’t start and walkers are everywhere.