The Walking Dead Review With Spoilers: JSS

Enid is hanging out of a truck. She calls for her parents as zombies close in. Cut to Enid in a bloodied car as zombies feed beside her. She's now out wandering on her own and hiding in the woods. She writes JSS in the dirt. Enid finds a car with a dead body fallen from the driver's seat which awakens when she tries to move it so she puts it down and finds sanctuary in the car, writing JSS on the window. Later, she finds a turtle in the woods and eats it. She writes JSS on the ground with its bones. Outside of Alexandria, Enid evaluates the walls and area. She hears the voices and laughs coming from inside as she is reluctant to approach the gate. She writes JSS on her hand as she enters the Safe-Zone.

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Carol plans some dinner with the women of Alexandria. She talks about the food she used to make Ed. The women call her a hero for her miraculous recipes. Shelly wants a pasta maker and Carol promises to show her how to cook spaghetti if she'll quit smoking. Carol approaches Sam, who is on her steps, and tells him to live with what happened to his father.

Jessie calls for Ron who comes to the kitchen and refuses a haircut. He shuts her down and tells her it's just her trying to talk to him. She asks Ron if he blames her for what happened. She tells Ron to raise his left hand above his head but he can't because of what Pete did to him. Ron insist Rick is dangerous but Jessie says Rick is her friend.

Deanna and Maggie start farming. Maggie hands Deanna a bag of seeds and tells her crates full of them were found for all sorts of vegetables. She tells Deanna they need to continue to grow the community for Reg and that everyone who is in the Safe-Zone is there because of her. Deanna accepts a shovel from Maggie.

Eugene and Tara debate on building a church. Eugene is not exactly for the idea. Dr. Denise Cloyd joins the conversation. She tells them she's the new doctor and reveals she is really a psychologist. She is nervous to act as the doctor but still asks Tara why she needs Aspirin and beings to evaluate her.

Carl pushes Judith around the streets of Alexandria. He sees Enid and Ron sitting together as Father Gabriel approaches him. Gabriel confesses what he told to Deanna and says he was speaking about himself and not the group - he knows that now. Carl tells him he'll need to tell everybody. He's ready to learn how to fight and Carl is willing to teach him, starting with the machete.

Carol starts a timer with a monitor on the baby. She looks out the window and sees Shelly attacked by man with a machete.

Deanna and Maggie sees flames take the Alexandria walls and lookout. Men hop the fence. Carl and Carol prepare with guns. Carl will stay back to protect Judith.

Jessie wants to go find Ron. Sam doesn't want her to go. She tells him to hide. they hide together in the closet after hearing people nearby. Alexandrians get slaughtered in the street.

Carl finds Enid in his house. She wanted to tell Carl goodbye. She wants to leave but Carl insists she help protect the house and Judith. She says there are too many people to protect and Alexandria is too big with too many blind spots and Carl says whoever got in the walls is going to die - all of them.

More Alexandrians are slaughtered and taken prisoner as the invaders mark W's on their heads with blood. Carol runs around the community and tries to save one of the Alexandrians who was stabbed in the stomach just before she got there. Carol puts the woman down.

Spencer looks on from the bell tower and attempts to snipe the invaders but misses. Rosita saves someone. A Del Arno foods truck drives straight into the Alexandria walls and sounds its horn after crashing.

Spencer is trapped in the bell tower. Rosita and Aaron carry an injured woman in for help. They will need to go help. Eugene elects to stay with Denise.

Spencer opens the truck's door and finds a zombie which Morgan puts down. Morgan asks what happened and Spencer tells him there's a group inside killing people. Morgan asks if he'll come help but Spencer doesn't answer, indicating a negative response.

A man with an axe stands off with Morgan. Morgan tells him to leave but the man comes at Morgan just as a disguised Carol saves him and uses his blood to mark a W on her head. Morgan tells Carol she doesn't have to kill people. "You don't like it," he tells her. She wants to get to the armory.

Deanna and Maggie find Spencer outside the walls. Deanna wants to stay outside the walls as a service to the community so she hides in the truck with Spencer guarding her.

Denise and Tara try to save the injured woman. She's bleeding and needs a surgeon. Tara insists that Denise attempts to save her. Eugene tells Denise not to be a coward.

Ron is scared by the walls and hiding as a man approaches with a huge knife. The main is shot in the leg by Carl. The man begs Carl not to kill him and then tries to grab Carl's gun. Carl promptly shoots him down. He offers to keep Ron safe and Ron refuses.

Jessie and Sam hide in the closet as shadows go by and footsteps run past. Jessie tells Sam to lock the door as she leaves. She steps outside with her gun and yells at Ron to stay outside just before being attacked from behind. Jessie uses a pair of scissors to take down the female intruder as Ron looks on.

Morgan and Carol charade past other Wolves as people are attacked. Morgan elects to save the victim as Carol guns down a few Wolves. Father Gabriel is about to be stabbed as Morgan saves his life. Carol engages with Wolves in the armory and shoots them down. One is alive on the armory floor and Carol puts her down. Carol finds Olivia hiding in the closet before packing up all the guns she can into a bag. She teaches Olivia how to shoot a gun and leaves.

Father Gabriel asks Morgan how he learned to use the stick like he does and he tells him, "From a cheesemaker." The Wolf they captured tells them they shouldn't be here because it's a trap and Carol shoots him down before reuniting with Maggie.

Aaron and Rosita find intruders in a house and gun them down as they attempt to escape.

Carol guns down a wolf chopping a body in the street.

Morgan encounters a Wolf who says, "You live here?" He recognizes him. Morgan is surrounded and tells them, "Our people have guns, yours don't," and suggests they leave. They'll be shot if they ever come back. One tells Morgan they didn't choose this life and scampers off with the rest and picks up a gun. Morgan closes the gate behind them.

Carol finds the first woman dead in the grass with her cigarettes. She sits with the pack on her front porch and tries to wipe the blood off of her forehead. She notices and "A" marking on the porch. She starts to tear up.

Aaron looks at bodies on the ground and puts one down. He rolls it off of a bag and finds images of the Safe-Zone inside.

Denise tries to save Holly who flat lines. She performs CPR but it isn't working as Eric, Tara, and Eugene look on. Tara commends Denise's effort but Denise wants to be alone. Tara tells Denise to make sure she gets Holly's brain.

Maggie, Deanna, Rosita and Spencer walk the gates. Spencer asks Rosita if that's what happened today. He questions how they've lived knowing that's the world. She tells Spencer for this group and Abraham, she has something to die for. Maggie puts down the lookout who was burned in the beginning.

Carl sees a body out the window and looks for Enid. He finds a note on the ground by the door which reads, "Just survive somehow." The timer rings and Carl takes food out of the oven.


Morgan finds a walker in the streets which he dispatches. He cautiously enters a house and finds the Wolf from the season five finale. The two battle in the living room. The Wolf recognizes Morgan and says, "You can't can you? You should've." Morgan says, "I'm sorry," and strikes him with the stick.

Morgan walks among the damaged and victimized Alexandria streets and finds Carol. The two don't say anything as they walk in different directions.