The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney Addresses Maggie Not Looking For Her Sister Beth

The Walking Dead Maggie & Beth

During the Talking Dead after the “Slabtown” episode of The Walking Dead, Chris Hardwick asked Emily Kinney why she thought that Beth’s sister Maggie hadn’t set out to look for her.

“I don’t know. I think Maggie is just focused on surviving,” said Kinney. “They’ve all been through a lot and lost a lot of people, and I think she’s just really focused on what she needs to do at the moment. So that’s why…she hasn’t really had a lot of time to like go…”

Then, Hardwick interrupted, “You don’t think Beth would be like, ‘It’s just like before the apocalypse. You care about your boyfriends more than your sister.”

Kenney responded, “Yeah, I mean that kind of happens, doesn’t that? I have an older sister, and I feel like I remember, yeah, she always cared about her boyfriend, you know. I sort of get it.”

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