The Walking Dead Season 3: Five Extended Trailer Spoilers

The Walking Dead Helicopter

Earlier today at The Walking Dead Comic-Con Panel, AMC unveiled an extended trailer for the third season of The Walking Dead and announced that The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere would air on October 14. The trailer was incredible and packed with spoilers for the upcoming season. We’ve posted the full trailer below, which runs over four minutes. We’ve also listed some of the biggest spoilers from the trailer.

Michonne And Andrea Are Friends – In the season two finale, Michonne made a brief appearance where she saved Andrea from a walker. However, Robert Kirkman and crew had been quiet on exactly what would happen next between Michonne and Andrea. It turns out that it looks like Michonne and Andrea have become friends, and they are going to be spending some time together in Woodbury.

The Helicopter Crashes – The mysterious helicopter appeared once in season one and once in season two, but it looks like we might finally learn the truth about the helicopter in season three. Two pilots are shown in trouble in the helicopter, right before it crashes.

Lots Of Zombie Killing – At times, season two was light on the zombies and the action, but it looks like that won’t be the case for season three. Much of the clip focuses on Rick and his crew clearing a horde of zombies from the prison.


Introducing The Governor – While the cast and the executive producers have been raving about how well David Morrissey personifies the Governor, seeing is believing. And we are now believers. Morrissey brings kind of an eerie creepiness to the role, and he does truly look to be the perfect Governor.

Merle Is Back – Well, it had already been previously spoiled that Merle would be returning in the third season, but it was the perfect ending to the clip. Merle shows up with a gun in one hand and knife where his other hand use to be, and he says, “Now, how’s about a big hug for your old pal Merle?”

Merle with knife for a hand