The Walking Dead Season 4: A Whole Bunch Of People Will Die

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1

During the first three seasons of The Walking Dead, there has been a lot of death. Will things slow down any during Season 4? Not according to The Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert.

In an new interview on the AMC blog, Alpert explained, "The great thing about this show is that literally every character is on the table… We have no one that is untouchable… One of the hardest things was killing Shane. In the comic, it happened much, much earlier, and Robert had said he wanted to give that character a little bit more space to breathe. So trying to figure out what was the right place to kill Shane was really difficult… In the screening room here in production, there’s a wall that says 'Our Grateful Dead,' and it’s got pictures of all the characters who’ve been killed off over the seasons. It’s kind of insane: One, it’s kind of touching, and, two, we’ve killed a lot of people on this show."

In regards to if any more pictures will be added to the death wall during Season 4, Alpert said, "Oh, there’s going to be a whole bunch of people added to the wall."

So how are a whole bunch of people going to die? Alpert also revealed, " I think we’re going to see an evolution in the walkers — there’s a whole bunch of new walkers — and we’ll see an evolution of the threat of human-on-human. Dangling the possibility of civilization will make people much more desperate and willing to do things that would have previously been unthinkable."


Considering that there were a whole bunch of people that Rick Grimes brought from Woodbury to the prison, we're guessing that most of them probably won't make it through Season 4. Of course, there will also likely be a couple main cast member deaths as well. Who do you think will die during Season 4 of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres on AMC on Sunday, October 13, 2013.