The Walking Dead Season 4 To Have More Optimism According To Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman The Walking Dead

With The Walking Dead now going into its fourth season, how does the show plans to stay fresh and different to keep viewers tuning in? In an interview with the AMC blog, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman used a very interesting word in summing up the key difference between the upcoming Season 4 and the previous seasons. Kirkman indicated that there would be more "optimism" in Season 4.

Robert Kirkman said, "I can argue that this season has a higher level of optimism than the show has had thus far, so that gives me something to look forward to. And also I’ll say that when you get to Season 4 on a show, especially a show like The Walking Dead, you realize that you’ve been around for a while and people may start to think, 'I’ve got this show figured out. I know how they do things on this show.' And a tremendous amount of effort has been put towards keeping the audience guessing and doing newer and more interesting things and changing what The Walking Dead is, in a way that’s very true to everything that people love about The Walking Dead but that brings in a lot of very cool new and unexpected elements."

Of course, the title for the Season 4 premiere episode has been revealed to be "30 Days Without An Accident," so it's not surprising that Rick's group must be feeling a little bit better about their situation. However, the big question is how long that sense of optimism will last. In the same interview, Kirkman also teases that some big event from the comic book will occur in the premiere episode. Kirkman said, "I’ve written Episode 3… I’m also writing Episode 9. Episode 9 will probably be the episode that’s closest to a direct adaptation from the comic book aside from the premiere episode."

How will the premiere episode be like a direct adaptation form the comic book? Spoiler warning: There are two big events from the comic book that have been rumored as possibilities for Season 4. The biggest rumor is that Rick Grimes loses his hand just like he did in the comic books, but there has also been some speculation that Glenn might get killed off just like he did in the comic books.