The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere: Five Cool Things Carol Did

Carol Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere

Remember when Carol would just sit around whining and crying while everyone else went to look for her daughter Sophia. Of all the characters on The Walking Dead, there’s not one that has made a more dramatic transformation than Carol Peletier.
It’s a credit to Melissa McBride’s acting ability that she has been able to transform Carol from a timid character into quite possibly the toughest person in the group.

In tonight’s “No Sanctuary” episode of The Walking Dead, there were a number of times when Carol took charge and got things done, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five cool things that Carol did.

5. Kills Walker On Train Tracks – Tyreese doesn’t feel comfortable killing the walker heading toward them on the train tracks. That’s ok, Carol lets Tyreese hold the baby, while she takes care of business. Carol also spots the oncoming walker herd and shuffles Tyreese and Judith away to safety.

4. Takes Up For Her Friends - One of Terminians is talking about a chick with a sword and taking the kid’s hat once he bleeds out, and Carol comes up behind him and puts a gun to his head. When the man tries to talk his way out of the situation, Carol isn’t buying it and tells him, “We’re friends with the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat.”

3. Goes Rambo With Walker Blood - How does Carol get close to Terminus when it's surrounded by an oncoming walker herd? She goes Rambo and smears walker blood and guts all over her clothes and face. It allows her to walk among the walker without them attacking her.

2. Creates A Walker Bomb – As the walker horde is attacking Terminus, Carol shoots a propane tank to cause a gas leak. Then, she uses a firework to blow up the propane tank, creating a huge explosion of walkers and fire. That one move puts the entire Terminus camp in complete disarray, and it allows Carol to waltz into their camp disguised as a walker.

1. Feeds Mary To The Walkers – So Mary gets the drop on Carol? But does it matter? No, this is the new Carol, we’re talking about. She fakes Mary out by pretending to put down her weapon. Then, she whirls around, firing shots, and taking Mary by surprise. When Mary refuses to answer Carol’s questions, Carol puts a bullet in her leg. When Mary begs to be shot in the head, Carol ignores her request and opens the door to let the walkers feed on Mary.


Bonus: Reunites With Rick’s Group – The last time Rick saw Carol was when he was banishing her from the prison. After causing the chaos that allowed Rick’s group to escape, Carol quietly walks up behind Rick and the others in the woods. Ricks asks, “Did you do that?” And Carol doesn’t reply and just gives Rick a hug.

The Walking Dead Season 5 airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM ET on AMC.