The Walking Dead Spoiler: What Happened To Baby Judith?

Walking Dead Baby JudithSpoiler Warning:

Spoilers for the Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead. On The Walking Dead Mid-Season finale, there was a lot of death and bloodshed. There were some characters who were definitely killed off, while the fate of other characters was a little more mysterious.

One of the biggest mysteries was whether baby Judith was killed on the episode. After the gunfight with The Governor’s group, Rick and Carl went looking for baby Judith. They found Judith’s empty car seat, which was covered in blood. Rick and Carl took the blood to mean that Judith had been eaten by walkers, and they both broke down in tears.

However, there was a very big clue that Baby Judith was ok. The car seat happened to be unbuckled. Walkers don’t have the brain power to unbuckle car seats, so it’s unlikely that Judith was eaten by walkers.

There could be two different explanations for the blood in the car seat. One is that someone who was bleeding or covered in blood rescued Judith during the gunfight. Two is that someone else wound up bleeding into the empty car seat.


Under the first theory, it’s possible that maybe Lilly found and rescued Judith, since she was covered in Meghan’s blood. Under the second theory, maybe the kids that were last seen carrying Judith removed her from the car seat and hid her some place safe. After Lizzie and Mika rescue Tyreese, they and the other kids took off running in the opposite direction. Could it be that they were going to retrieve Judith from wherever they had hid her?

As we previously reported, the Talking Dead did not list baby Judith in their in memoriam segment. When asked if Judith was still alive or not, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said, “There was a lot of blood in that car seat, I don’t know. You’ll have to tune in.”