The Walking Dead Star Coleman Wants Luke Cage Job

Chad Coleman as Tyreese in AMC's The Walking Dead

There's no guarantee that Luke Cage will be appearing on the big screen anytime soon--and if he is, there's already a pretty formidable list of actors who hope to play the role (including Idris Elba and The Rock).

But an actor familiar with comic book adaptations is throwing his hat into the ring, too: Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese in AMC's The Walking Dead.

"I want to play Luke Cage so I'll put it out there right now: I want to play Luke Cage," Coleman told MTV Geek in the video embedded below. "So I'm going to be working on trying to develop that. Gale Anne Hurd, I know you're listening, I'll see you in Atlanta, I know we haven't talked about this yet [laughs] but I would love to play Luke Cage."

Hurd, of course, is the executive producer on The Walking Dead who has a good deal of experience with comic book adaptations in a variety of forms.

"When I started to embody Tyreese, it really got the wheels turning because I admire what Robert Downey, Jr. is able to do with Iron Man. I admire [comic book movies] when it's done a certain way. There has to be gravity to it, it can't be cheesy. I feel like I can take that on," Coleman added. "Man, sweet Christmas!"